Pathways Group Sessions

The next set of group sessions of Breakthroughs program, Pathways, begins June 10, 2023! 

Our schedule will be:

6/10, 6/17, 6/24 from 11-1 and 7/15, 7/22, and 7/29 from 11-1. We will meet at Breakthroughs of North Florida. 

Age groups will vary but most ages are welcome. Teens will be in their own group!

Social and emotional intelligence is crucial to being productive and happy in life. Navigating different personalities and regulating one's own emotions and temperament can be HARD! There are many reasons students might need help with social constructs, self regulation, and decision making. New environments, changes in family life, being “awkward” for whatever reason, having difficulty with social and emotional wellness...all of these things can make a BIG impact. We can help.

Breakthroughs group sessions will address things such as Successful Transitions, Coping Skills, Emotional Management, Retorts, Making friends, Planning Time, Being Healthy, Maintaining Who You Are, Self Care, Self Management, Expressing yourself, Positive Engagement, Confidence, Nutrition, Public Speaking, and so much more! 

Utilizing proven techniques, we will work on specific areas such as self advocating, working together, reading other people and replying appropriately, presenting ourselves, exuding confidence, introducing ourselves, having productive conversations, knowing what to talk about, finding common ground, responding to negative ideas and people, asking for help, finding out who is safe, appropriate information relay, how to handle social situations where we don’t know people, how to find the right friends and how to tell if they are real, how to tell a story, what to do in dilemmas, ethical responses, what matters and what’s important, internet safety and so much more!

Being a young person can be so hard for so many reasons. Let us help your child be the best they can be by empowering them with the tools they need to be more confident, successful, and self aware. 

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