Michele is our Director of Educational Services. Not finding adequate and specific educational assistance for her 5 children with learning disabilities and ADHD, she began a journey in 1997 of studying how children who learn differently can be taught for maximum results. She began a headlong dive into educating the "learning disabled" and found that term is not really true. All people can learn, we just need to reach them where they are and provide instruction in a way that works for their brain.

Michele has been teaching all of her own children since 1997 and has been instrumental in helping others since 2000 when she began workshops, classes, and one on one consultations, helping parents and educators of children who learn differently.

She is trained in all of the Lindamood Bell programs, several Orton-Gillingham based programs, and many remedial programs for students with exceptional education requirements. She is also the creator of the Breakthroughs Pathways program as well as other coaching and instructional programs here.

Michele and her husband Tom are the Presidents for the Board of Directors for NCHE (Nassau County Home Educators) where they provide How to Homeschool seminars and classes, group consultations, and Learning Differently Classes.