Breakthroughs of North Florida offers so much! Did you know we have Educational Programs for:

Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Non Verbal Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and so many more learning challenges

  • Executive Function Coaching

  • Handling Social Context and Structure

  • Emotional-Social Education

  • Life Skills and Daily Living Skills

  • Test Prep (SAT/ACT/PERT and others)

  • Study Skills

  • Processing Speed/Ability

  • Reasoning Ability

  • Comprehension for all areas of life and school

  • Auditory & Working Memory

  • Not just coping with but excelling with ADHD

We offer tutoring that is absolutely CUSTOMIZED!

*Have a student who reads really well but has trouble comprehending and inferring and also has a hard time remembering and has poor hand strength? Yes? We can help and will address all of those things!

*Have a bright student who can't follow directions and appears "lazy"? Do they forget to do chores even though the list hasn't changed in a long time? Do they need help with the most basic of things, like turning on the washing machine, yet get all A's in school? We can help!

*Have a student that is not sure how to fit in? One that gets over-excited and then is indecipherable? Yes? We can help!

*Have a student that has trouble with writing? Regardless of whether the problem is pencil grip, vocabulary, or "getting the point across", we've got it!

*Have a student that needs help with Algebra 2 or any higher level math and it's all Greek to you? We got you!

The bottom line is, it doesn't really matter the issue with which your student needs a BREAKTHROUGH. We have the help they need to accomplish it!

Breakthroughs of North Florida...Changing Lives One Session at a Time.