Premarital Counseling

Breakthroughs offers a VARIETY of premarital and relationship counseling interventions including Prepare/Enrich.

Prepare/Enrich is a customizable premarital and relationship assessment and intervention tool that has been researched and in use for several decades.

Who can take the assessment:

  • Premarital couples
  • Married couples
  • Remarried couples
  • New parents (including foster/adoptive parents)

The benefit:

  • Helps you know more about your relationship
  • Gives you healthy skills to use
  • Opens the door for communication
  • Can reduce risk of divorce

The process:

Once you come in to meet with the counselor you will be given access to the assessment through your email. Each partner answers the assessment on their own and the results are sent to the therapist. At your next session your counselor will work through the results with you utilizing interventions designed to specifically meet your relationship’s needs.

  • *If you are interested in Prepare/Enrich the assessment itself costs $35 per couple. Please note that Prepare/Enrich is not a tool to tell you if you should end your relationship or not.